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Circular Works

Circular Works brings together a unique combination of ideas from natural systems, intuitive problem solving and structured business design. This allows us to create awesome campaigns and transformations for our clients that deliver purpose-driven change in a world of increasing turbulence and uncertainty.  We believe that using a circular approach to any business design really does work!

What we do

Welcome to Circular.Works!
Here love exploring the magic of working in circles to bring about transformational change in the world.  Our clients are the leaders of businesses and organisations that want to transform themselves so that they can create more of an impact in the world and embrace aspects of the emerging circular economy.

Business Strategy & Architecture

We have a long track record of creating and revising business strategies and architectures so that they can be quickly tested and operationalised. We use our Springboard Method to create realistic and achievable migration plans to bring new strategies to life within in less than three months.

Designed for Agile

Agile methods are difficult to implement across an entire business. It requires creativity, discipline and patience. We help you design new information paths and measurement cycles so that you can challenge assumptions and improve feedback across organisational silos.

Market Expansion

Entering new markets can be challenging. We have a track record in helping US-based technology companies expand into EMEA and Asia. Experience has shown us that only 10-20% succeed. So we have strict qualification criteria to ensure that we can both be successful.

Customer Journey Mapping

We have a passion for mapping the design of the customer journey so that everyone in a business can see how they can contribute effectively to an awesome experience. We take service design to the next level with circular thinking for each part of the customer journey.

KPI Dashboard Design

Design and ongoing reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are, literally, the key to running a successful business. We use our circular method to design a simple, fit-for-purpose set of KPIs for each part of the business that you can implement in a week.

Contract Optimsation

Clear contracting that can be quickly operationalised is the foundation of running a strong commercial business. We have expertise in helping telecoms & utility companies ensure that their supplier contracts are aligned with their customer contracts.

Why we are different

We are not a run-of-the-mill consulting company, a trendy design agency nor a bunch of tech-heads.  We are a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who have run functions and divisions across a variety of sectors – each of us having a world-view and a passion for effective change.


We are moving from a linear to a circular world.  Some call this “circular economics” – but we think that the circular aspect is far bigger than economics.
We believe that the circular revolution needs to go far deeper.  It needs to touch every aspect of our lives – across spiritual, corporal and mental domains.  We call this “circular work” and we perform our magic by organising around Circular Works.

Years in Business

Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects


Our Latest Work

We have chosen a few projects which exemplify our work below.


Our principals and associates have a wide range of skills from Business Strategy, Marketing, Technology, Operations, Finance and People Management.
Circular.Works is a proven framework for transforming businesses. It is grounded in over 25 years of experience in transforming telecoms, media and technology companies – both large and small companies.
Our methods are based on what we call the “Seed of Business” – which is a model that contains each of the vital elements that are needed in any business of any size.
It is, if you like, the DNA of a business that can be found at the birth of an organisation.
As well as consulting, we run training courses in the method so that companies can use the approach to improve and transform their businesses with their own people.
We can also provide you with part-time consultants who are expert in our methods who can hand-hold you through the implementation.
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE & Interface Design – 65%
  • Contract Optimisation – 50%
There are three sources from which we draw our inspiration:
the natural cycles and rhythms of nature;
the intuitive powers of foresight and deep listening that we are all born with, but often lie under-developed;
and finally, observing the synchronicities and natural flows that can be found in any business that allow our clients to grow in elegant and effortless ways.

Award-winning Design

In 2016, we were proud to be one of the winners of the Network Innovation Award at the NextGen Digital Challenge Awards in 2016.  The picture shows Shaun Fensom, whom we partnered with on the project to bring to life the Brighton Digital Exchange Cooperative receiving the award from the Earl of Erroll.
From Our Clients
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